Shaping the Future of Public Safety: The Impact of the Bellevue Police Foundation Board

  • Organization Spotlight
  • By Gavin Haines
  • Published on May 24, 2023

Bellevue Police Foundation's 'Shop With A Cop' Event (December 2022)

This week, we spoke with the Director of the Bellevue Police Foundation, Villette Nolon, about how important it is to have knowledgeable and altruistic leaders in our community. You might have seen several board position openings on our home page and wondered, what does it mean to be a board member? Well, we sat down with a foundation that serves as a cornerstone to safety and security on the Eastside, and asked about the role a board member plays, what kind of environment their leaders foster, and what kind of individuals they are looking for.

What role does the Bellevue Police Foundation board play? What decisions are being made, and what are the outcomes of the board’s decisions?

"The board of directors is a working/fundraising board that is ultimately responsible for the Foundation's successful accomplishment of our mission to foster community support for the Bellevue Police Department. Board members volunteer for our two major fundraising events, often sponsor those events, and invite their colleagues, friends, and family to participate. Each year, in addition to providing financial support, members vote to approve the grant requests we receive from the Bellevue Police Department for innovations in equipment, training, and community outreach. Our special programs include the K-9 team, Shop with a Cop for lower-income families, and our Community Connections Fund for officers working with people experiencing homelessness or a mental health crisis. The outcome is a direct correlation to enhancing public safety in Bellevue and King County."

What kind of environment are you seeking to create at the Bellevue Police Foundation?

"We seek an environment within Bellevue that is clean, safe, and healthy. We want everyone who works, lives, and plays in Bellevue to feel safe and secure."

If you could create an ideal board member, what would they look like?

"An ideal board member believes that the police need an interconnected community to be successful and is willing to engage to support our mission. Ideal board members use their connections and resources to help, whether that is with logistics help at events, business functions, direct financial support, or by securing financial support from others. We want board members who represent our diverse community and are able to grow into leadership positions as the board evolves."

Bellevue Police Foundation's Annual Breakfast (April 6th, 2023)

The Bellevue Police Foundation is seeking knowledgeable and altruistic leaders to join their board of directors and help foster community support for the Bellevue Police Department. By volunteering time, resources, and expertise, board members can play a crucial role in enhancing public safety in Bellevue and King County. If you are interested in becoming a part of the leadership community on the Eastside, we encourage you to check out postings weekly on ELI and apply for one of the board position openings. Together, we can create an environment that is clean, safe, and healthy for everyone who works, lives, and plays in Bellevue.

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