About Us

Easterseals Washington offers two adult service programs in Bellevue and Bremerton. These programs provide enrichment for people who benefit from supervision but who require minimal assistance with most activities of daily living; health services for people who require medical monitoring or assistance with many activities of daily living; family caregiver support, including free training, counseling and other support services for family caregivers; and advocacy at the local, state and national level on behalf of people with disabilities and their caregivers.

Our programs ensure that adults with disabilities have the opportunity to live, learn, work and play as a vital member of their own community. Individuals learn work-related skills by engaging in regularly scheduled volunteer work, community service projects, and other ventures. If needed, support is provided to better manage behavioral challenges. Each person's independence, social status, and quality of life are greatly enhanced. Regardless of the individual’s diagnosis or disability, Easterseals adult service programs provide a warm inviting place where friendships are made and people enjoy engaging in meaningful activities of their choice throughout the day.