About Us

The Emergency Feeding Program began in 1977 as a partnership between the Black United Clergy for Action and the Church Council of Greater Seattle. Their goal was to create a food assistance network that would provide high-quality food to all parts of King County.

 Under the guidance of the Rev. Otis J. Moore, EFP’s first Executive Director, the program adopted a unique model of service. This model was created by Mary Lou Weiner (Nee Beck), a graduate student studying nutrition at the University of Washington. Weiner’s goal was to create a series of meals that would provide a three-day supply of balanced nutrition to people experiencing hunger. She developed EFP’s model of providing different-sized Emergency Food Packs to meet various household needs.

 The Emergency Feeding Program began with three standard-diet Food Packs: Small, Medium, and Large. Over time, this model grew to include special needs diets, culturally sensitive diets, and no-cook menus for those experiencing homelessness. EFP continues to evaluate and update our Food Pack contents, ensuring that every bag we deliver contains a healthy, diet-specific supply of emergency food.

In 1991, Arthur Lee took over as EFP’s second Executive Director. Under his leadership, the program continued to expand throughout King County. EFP collaborated with social service agencies and other organizations to provide food directly to people in need. In 2004, EFP became a fully independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In 2013, Glenn Turner became EFP’s new Executive Director.

EFP continues its mission of providing a nutritional response to people in need throughout King County. We work with partner agencies to meet those we serve when and where they need help. Every year, we provide over 600,000 meals throughout our community. Our goal is that no one in King County will go hungry tonight.