FEAT- Families for Early Autism Treatment

FEAT- Families for Early Autism Treatment

About Us

Families for Early Autism Treatment, Inc. (FEAT) is a non-profit organization of parents, family members, and treatment professionals, designed to help families with children of all ages who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which includes Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), and Aspergers’s Disorder (AS). It offers a network of support where families can meet each other to discuss issues surrounding autism and treatment options. FEAT has a Board of Directors that meets monthly to discuss issues, establish priorities, and vote on the direction of the organization.

FEAT maintains a website and publishes a quarterly newsletter which contains current news and events. FEAT operates a Lending Library where families can obtain information about Autism and check out teaching materials for their children’s therapy programs. There are multiple locations of the Lending Library and the materials are provided to families free of charge.

FEAT’s Parent Mentoring Program offers one to one assistance to families who want to learn about Autism and how to treat it. Veteran parents work with beginning parents individually to share the scientifically based roadmap of treatment and self advocacy that has been successful for those who have walked the path previously.

FEAT also offers two support meetings: 1) The Family Resource Meeting held on the third Wednesday of the month, and 2) The Family Empowerment Forum held four times each year. These meetings are planned to provide treatment and self advocacy information to families whose children have been diagnosed with Autism, and to provide access to a network of families who can be supportive.

Throughout the year, FEAT has social, recreational events, and field trips that are designed to give children opportunities to practice social skills in safe and typical environments, and to give family members a venue to enjoy each others company. These activities are important occasions for parents and children because this is when many friendships are formed and fostered.