Indian American Community Services

Indian American Community Services

About Us


Indian American Community Services (IACS) formerly known as India Association of Western Washington (IAWW), is the longest-serving Indian community based organization in the Pacific Northwest. Secular and volunteer-driven, the IACS works to connect and empower the Asian-Indian community through programs, services, and advocacy for people of all ages and all life stages. As a result, the IACS is able to involve its full community in ways that incorporate and respect cultural traditions and values.


We understand that the issues facing our community oftentimes are complex and intersectional. We therefore aim to focus on addressing issues in a multi-faceted way, learning from and growing with the community to better serve its needs and create a more meaningful impact.

At IACS we focus on providing resources and assistance to people within the community of all ages with services tailored specifically to their needs. Our programs include services and support geared toward:

  • COVID-19 and Crisis Care
  • Small Buisinesses
  • Rental Assistance for Individuals
  • Healthcare Needs
  • Food Insecurity
  • Women’s Mentoring
  • Senior Support
  • Family and Caregivers
  • Career and Employment Guidance
  • Mental Health
  • Comprehensive Wellness
  • Youth Leadership, Mentoring, and Advocacy
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Civic Engagement and Advocacy
  • Family and Immigration Legal Advisement
  • Citizenship and Immigration Assistance
  • Census Assistance and Outreach

With this more personalized approach we hope to provide our community with holistic critical thinking in addressing individual and community concerns.