About Us

Our Mission

Bring healing, build community, and transform the lives

of students and families in Bellevue.

Four Pillars

Our Four Pillars synergistically enable us to serve and love in and around our public schools.

Our staff and volunteers meet the needs of students and families in the public schools, at the Jubilee REACH Center, at the Jubilee REACH Thrift Store, and at Community Building Events. 

In the Schools

Our partnership with the Bellevue School District allows our staff, called Site Coaches, to build relationship & community before, during, and after school.

Jubilee REACH Center

Serving as a hub for hospitality, our Center offers various services including ESL classes, before and after school care, tutoring, medical care, and dental care.

Jubilee REACH

Thrift Store

With quality goods and a hospitable shopping experience, our thrift store restores lives and empower families in need to lead healthy lives. 

Community Building


Events such as Service Day, Festival of Trees and the ATTYs bring people from different areas together to celebrate as One Bellevue.

Core Values

Our core values are integral to everything we do here at Jubilee REACH. Whether serving families with groceries, equipping adults with English skills, or connecting with students throughout the school year, our staff and volunteers are committed to prioritizing our core values of relationships, education, assistance, community, and hospitality.