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Life Center Northwest

About Us

What We Do

As a nonprofit, federally-designated organ procurement and AATB-accredited tissue recovery organization, we seek to be good stewards of the gift of life.

Support and honor donor families

Grieving families need support throughout the donation process and beyond. We provide that support both on-site at hospitals and virtually to educate families on the process and expectations associated with their loved ones becoming a donor.

Through our Aftercare program, we also provide 18 months of grief support, including personal calls and letters between donor families and recipients, to help honor the lives of donors.

Support and collaborate with medical professionals

We work closely with more than 200 partner hospitals to maximize donation opportunities so that together we can save and improve more lives across our region. Our Hospital Development team provides ongoing education for hospital staff on organ and tissue donation guidelines and procedures, to ensure that they always recognize and refer potential donors. We also help hospitals navigate the complexities of federal regulations.

Provide clinical support for organ and tissue recovery

Our coordinators are available 24×7 at (888) 543-3287 for on-site response to potential donation referrals. They can assess a potential donor’s medical suitability for donation, provide clinical support, and manage the recovery of both organs and tissue. Our staff works with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) to place organs and coordinate transportation for transplant teams.

Educate the public

In addition to managing the Montana and Washington state donor registries, we strive to educate the communities we serve about organ and tissue donation, providing education programs such as DMV-based outreach and training, traffic education curricula, and presentations to high schools. Our community advocates are an integral part of the LifeCenter Northwest family, and by sharing their stories they foster a better understanding and appreciation of donation in our community.