About Us

The Microsoft Alumni Network is an impressive worldwide community of alumni who share a common experience of having worked at Microsoft. Founded in 1995 by a few alumni who wanted to stay connected, the Alumni Network today is a member organization representing more than 48,000 alumni in 54 countries. While we are independent from Microsoft Corp., the company supports our mission through member benefits and program support. We’re entrepreneurs, tech innovators, career professionals, nonprofit leaders, volunteers, and lifelong learners.

We are managed and led by committed, talented people working as staff members, serving on our board, and volunteering their time to support the Microsoft alumni community.

Alumni take their passion out into the world and accomplish amazing things. They do this by applying what they learned at Microsoft, connecting with the people they worked with at Microsoft, and turning their passion towards solving new business problems, innovating new technology, and making positive social impact.

The Alumni Network strives to support the amazing alumni community by keeping you connected to the company and to each other.

We support alumni by:

1.   Partnering with Microsoft Corp. to deliver employee perks for alumni

2.   Curating news and information relevant to the alumni community

3.   Hosting informative and super fun events for alumni

4.   Scouring the globe for inspiring alumni stories to share

5.   Supporting alumni passion for giving and making positive social impact