Washington Women in Need

Washington Women in Need

About Us

WWIN’s programs support women on their journey to economic stability by providing scholarships for higher education and equipping them with the skills they need to successfully launch their new career.

In 1992, Julia founded Washington Women in Need, helping low-income women transform their lives with grants for education and health care. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in 2010, there was a reduced need for health care grants so WWIN shifted its focus to providing more grants for education.

During rigorous research and assessments in 2018, we gathered insights that guided us to an updated mission statement and a strategic plan to introduce new grant programs, continuing to build on the success of our existing programs and ensuring that the women we serve can achieve their goals.

In July 2019, WWIN launched new programs that were designed to help women overcome the challenges they face throughout their college experience and their journey toward economic stability: the Career Launch Coaching program and the Resiliency Fund. We also created our annual Activate You Women’s Empowerment Conference.

WWIN has made more than 7,000 grants to women in Washington. WWIN will continue to respond to the evolving needs of women in Washington, and to honor each woman’s individual path to success. It is our goal to help remove systemic barriers to success and provide opportunities, inspiration, support and advocacy to the women of WWIN as they work toward their goal of economic stability.