About Us

Since 1990, Youth Link has made the City of Bellevue a national innovator in youth leadership and involvement.

Bellevue Youth Link is a leadership program sponsored by the City of Bellevue, Parks & Community Service Department and Bellevue Public Schools. Since 1990, Bellevue Youth Link has engaged young people in our community and given them opportunities to make a difference.

"Nothing is more important to the health of our democracy than the active engagement of young people in representative government at the local level." – National League of Cities

Mission Statement

“To be a catalyst in responding to the interests and concerns of young people by engaging the entire community in implementing an agenda developed by youth.”

Vision/Value Statement

“Youth Link envisions Bellevue as a city where young people are involved, valued, respected and listened to; where they feel safe and are safe; and where they can have fun. Ultimately, the impact of Youth Link is to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community.”

How we’re organized

Our organization consists of the Youth Link Board, Bellevue Youth Council, and multiple Action Teams.

  • The Youth Link Board advises the Bellevue City Council and City Manager on youth matters and programs and is authorized by the City to provide input on community youth projects.

  • The Bellevue Youth Council is the main organizational body of Bellevue Youth Link and meets twice a month to plan various community projects, special events, and participate in leadership trainings.

  • The Action Teams are smaller committees which focus on fulfilling the goals of Bellevue Youth Link, as set out by the Council.